Space and Satellite Program (SSP)

About SSP

The African Center for Science and International Security Space and Satellite Program strengthens national and international efforts to access space application tools and build capacity in basic space technology towards addressing some of Africa’s major development and security challenges.

SSP comprises projects on emerging space programs in Africa, space situational awareness, space security regime and education. SSP web resources encompass publications, educational resources, and links to our partners and sponsors.

SSP Mission

As many nations and their partners are increasingly seeking to obtain socioeconomic benefits from space systems and their applications, the international space regime and global security are major integral instruments in ensuring safe, secured and sustainable development of the space environment. In this context, capacity-building initiatives in space technology and promotion of satellite applications in support of sustainable development are central to national and global space development efforts and scientific advancement. In this context, Earth and space are increasingly interdependent and interconnected, which represent a security challenge. They have the potential to weaken and destabilize existing economic, political, and social structures. As such, it is necessary to systematically investigate and analyze them to strengthening the international space regime and development efforts. In this light, AFRICSIS works with governments, institutions and organizations to promote ideas and actions for collaboration that enhance access to space application tools, sustainable development, and space security.

SSP Goal

The SSP is dedicated to explore and discuss crosscutting development and security issues in applied space science research and technology, and to provide direction and guidance in the peaceful uses of space and the expanding space activities in Africa.

SSP Method

The purposes of the SSP are:

  • to promote growing interest in many African countries to establish indigenous capacities in basic space technology,
  • to increase knowledge about the space environment and the need to maintain it, promoting international cooperation and dialog, and helping all space actors realize the benefits that space can provide,
  • to foster global effort in establishing the secure and sustainable use of the space    environment,
  • to provide a forum through which African scientists and engineers can contribute to international endeavors and cooperation in the advancement of basic space science, in cooperation with academies, governments and organizations.
  • to promote collaboration and knowledge exchange in basic space capacity building and technology and to prepare the workforce of tomorrow.

SSP Projects