Kamsu Kom Massado Laura

Liaison Officer
+233 (0) 303 937 523
AFRICSIS, C/o National Radiation Protection Agency, Yaounde, Cameroon

 Kamsu K.M. Laura is the government designated Liaison Officer at AFRICSIS in Cameroon. Laura complements our executive team to establish and nurture a working relationship between AFRICSIS and relevant stakeholders in Cameroon including government agencies, foreign missions and international organizations for mutual benefits. A dynamic and dedicated female, Laura has close to a decade of experience communicating with the public, government and foreign entities on nuclear and radiation protection topics.


Parallel to her role at AFRICSIS, Laura is Head of Communication and Public Relation Department that design, develop and implement the communication strategy of the National Radiation Protection Agency in Cameroon. She plans and organizes awareness raising events on radiation safety and nuclear security. She manages activities on the publication of the NRPA quarterly magazine.


Laura received her B.Sc. in Information and Communication Techniques from the Advanced School of Mass Communication Yaoundé, Cameroon in 2007.