Ernest Muchu Toh

Ernest Muchu Toh
Research Assistant, WMD Nonproliferation
+233 (0) 303 937 523
AFRICSIS, C/o Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, Accra, Ghana

Ernest Muchu Toh has been a research assistant at AFRICSIS since September 2016. Toh’s areas of interest are nuclear and radiological terrorism and WMD nonproliferation and arms control. Through his research he examines security threats at the national and regional levels—and how regional polices and institutions can or should address those threats. Ernest works concurrently with us and lectures at Damelin College in Cape Town, South Africa, where he teaches law courses. He also provides consultancy services on issues of legal and labor relations at the International College Group in South Africa. Previously, he was a research assistant in the Department of Political Studies and International Relations at the University of the Western Cape Town where he investigated humanitarian impacts of nuclear weapons detonations from the perspective of the African Nuclear Weapons-Free-Zone Treaty, a project led by Prof. Joelien Pretorius. Earlier in is career, Ernest practiced law as a Pupil’s Advocate at Amaazee Chambers in Bamenda, Cameroon.


Ernest has conducted research in the fields of law, Political Science, and Security and presented highlights of the studies at national and international conferences. One of his recent research endeavors was during his Honors Degree in 2013, on the topic: “The Role of the African Court on Human and People’s Rights in the Delegitimization of Nuclear Weapons in Africa and Increase in Threats to Monopoly of Violence, and Disregard of State Sovereignty in Post-Colonial Africa.” He is a member of the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA). He is the founder and former director of Foundation for International Youth Ethics Charity and Development (FIYECAD), a non-profit organization in Cape Town, South Africa from 2012 - 2016. As director, he initiated a community based free educational program to train underprivileged youths in South Africa, a program still undertaken. 


Ernest is currently pursuing graduate studies for a Master of Technology (MTech) in Entrepreneurship and Business Administration at Cape Peninsular University of Technology(CPUT). He received his LLM in Mercantile Law in 2010 from Stellenbosch University South Africa.  He also received his Post-Graduate Diploma (Maîtrise en Droit) in 2007 and an LLB in 2005 from University of Dschang, Cameroon.