2015 New Year Message

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Dear Friends:

On behalf of everyone at the African Centre for Science and International Security (AFRICSIS), I would like to express my best wishes and tell you a little more about where our organization is headed in 2015.

The core of our work is and will remain focused on advancing disarmament and non-proliferation of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons in Sub-Saharan Africa. In particular, the AFRICSIS community and the region have seen continuing interest to make progress on arms control and disarmament measures; many of these measures can reduce the risk that these weapons will be used, but conflicting priorities and poor capacity due to pressing economic and political development in the region leave consciousness and coordinated action on this important issue largely unaddressed. AFRICSIS will continue to make special efforts to help policymakers, the public, the news media, and the next generation of African leaders to better understand security threats connected to this issue.

Engaging African states, their partners, and institutions through research, training, and networking builds strategic capacity and foster long-term, collaborative relationships. Our planning to host the Regional Workshop for Developing Safeguards-related Regulatory Documents, organized and sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE/NNSA) International Nuclear Safeguards Engagement Program is one excellent example of our work.

While last year was eventful, this year is likely to be restive. Indeed, trending concepts and perceptions of nuclear energy renaissance, increasing uranium demand and mining, and terrorist threats within the continent are creating security and technological challenges, which magnify the urgency for new thinking to find solutions quickly. New thinking and engagement will arise from research and those who are educated and trained today. AFRICSIS will continue to providing research, capacity building, and policy recommendations on nonproliferation and arms control measures. Finally, we will explore the possibility of joining with a number of organizations to expand our scope– the goal being to broaden the debate in the region to increase individuals from academia and civil societies, where heretofore it was the exclusive territory of the traditional political and military elites. This program will take a systematic and cooperative approach to inform and empower citizens to work with their governments and organizations for positive change.

As we enter 2015, the Board and the staff at AFRICSIS know that many additional events may lie in store. However, through it all, we will remain focused on the long-term vision and not lose faith in our own mission. We kindly request you to be part of this process. Please do visit our website to see how you can contribute to our ongoing projects and initiatives.

We thank you for how you have supported us during the year 2014 and solicit for more supports from you in the year 2015 and beyond. Most importantly, we welcome your cooperation, partnership, and collaboration in developing new initiatives, projects, and programs at AFRICSIS.

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Hubert K. Foy

Executive Director