The cask storage hall at ZWILAG in Switzerland is used to store vitrified high-level waste from reprocessing plants and spent fuel elements from the Swiss nuclear power plants. (Photo: ZWILAG Zwischenlager Würenlingen AG)
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New IAEA Spent Fuel and Radioactive Waste Database Facilitates National Data Reporting and Sharing

The Spent Fuel and Radioactive Waste Information System (SRIS) will provide an authoritative and integrated view of national and global spent fuel and radioactive waste inventories as well as relevant laws, regulations, policies, plans and activities. The […]

Nuclear power in the post-pandemic world
Nuclear Power

Building a stronger tomorrow

Nuclear energy can play a central role in post-COVID recovery efforts by boosting economic growth in the short-term, whilst also supporting, in a cost-effective manner, the development of a low-carbon, resilient and affordable electricity infrastructure. […]